A/B Testing With Nginx

Hone is an incredibly data-driven company. Whenever possible, we use analytics data (combined with customer feedback) to drive decision making about which features to add, modify, and remove — among other things.

An Example

We recently wanted to know how some proposed styling changes would affect user interaction rates of a widget in our web client. To accomplish this, we needed to run a few A/B tests.

Using our Nginx load-balancer, we decided to split incoming traffic in half: 50% of our visitors would be served the existing widget and the remaining 50% would be served the new widget (with the new styling/layout changes).

Simple A/B Testing Nginx Config (50%/50%)

split_clients "abtest${remote_addr}${http_user_agent}${date_gmt}" $variant {
50% "abtest.your_domain.com/a_test.html";
* "abtest.your_domain.com/b_test.html";
server {
listen 80;
server_name abtest.your_domain.com;
root /var/www/your_abtests_folder;
# access_log off; # enable if you'd like logging
location / {
rewrite ^\/$ "${scheme}://${variant}" redirect;

The http server config above utilizes Nginx’s ngx_http_split_clients_module functionality to assign all incoming requests into one of n-buckets — and then redirects them to the corresponding test page.


We run A/B tests until a statistically-significant number of visitors have passed through them. For this particular widget being tested, we needed 10k visitors: ~5k going to each of our A- and B-test widgets.

What did we learn? After examining our analytics data, it was immediately clear: A much higher percentage of users interacted in the ways we wanted with the new, redesigned widget compared to the old widget. And — importantly — the higher-than-previous engagement remained steady during the following weeks and months — meaning it wasn’t merely a temporary lift.

More Advanced A/B Testing

If you’re interested in learning more, check out this article by Lawson Kurtz that details some more advanced configs and methods of A/B testing using Nginx.

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